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Development Status and Market Trend Analysis of LED Headlights
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1. LED headlights overview

LED headlamps (Ledheadlight), is based on the basic structure of light-emitting diodes for the replacement of headlights used in auto parts products. As a car if the use of time is too long, the car headlight bulbs will be damaged and aging problems, resulting in the dim light dim or not, there need to be replaced. At present, everyone is more likely to buy better products instead of going to the garage to make it a necessity.

On the eBay platform, LED headlights, as just-needed products, have been one of the relatively hot products in the U.S. market. However, as a result of the influx of Chinese sellers, there was a propensity to appear bad in this market and finally became the Shura site where several major retailers lured their prices. It has been four years since EBAY appeared in September 2011 and what is going on with this EBAY US station now?

2.LED headlights 2014-2015 ebay market trend analysis - a steady increase in market space

Bedroo Cross-border E-commerce Incubation Service Platform Understanding the search trends for Ledheadlight within EBAY, the overall trend is constantly on the rise, demonstrating that from the customer's point of view, these products have drawn more and more attention over these years The higher the law, the lower the year-end peak in year-end.

According to sales figures, these products peaked at two peaks throughout the year, one in December and March and the other in December, but usually go into a downturn in January. The total market volume and the unit price of the products are all at a relatively steady upward trend, with an annual growth rate of about 20%, which does not belong to a rapidly growing market. However, compared with the faster replacement of digital products in the market, the low frequency of technological innovations makes the product itself in a relatively stable condition, and the same trend can be maintained in the next few years.

3. LED headlamps recent ebay market conditions and accounting analysis - into the melee market share

Combined with the large LED lamp heat, we can look at the EBAY platform, the recent sales of this product.

Bedroo cross-border e-commerce incubation service platform learned that the entire LED headlamp market share in the 14 years before in October are relatively concentrated state, more than half of sales and sales are concentrated in the top 20 sellers . However, after March 15, the overall sales volume of the market did not change much under the premise of the top 20 sellers and sales accounted for a substantial share of a sharp decline, indicating that the sellers (sales ranked 20 After the seller) began to occupy more market capacity. In this case, for small sellers, the impact that this gap has on the product across the gap in account quality between them and big sellers has been a chance to capture market share and increase the impact of such products. At the same time, more new configurations and newly designed products can be targeted to take advantage of the gap of big seller influence to test the market feedback on new products.

4.the average market price and sales of different models of comparative analysis - the quality of the market environment to speak

Bedroo cross-border e-commerce incubation service platform learned that the headlights of this product is not because the market is rotten and was dragged into the quagmire of price war, the quality of speech, supplemented by an appropriate price, not only to ensure that the product Their own profit margins, but also as a product or even started account in this category reputation first shot, to better attract the attention of buyers.

The same is true for AMAZON's Lightingbulb catalog sales rankings, which make up a significant portion of products in the top 100 at more than $ 20.

At this point for the seller, the excellent stability and excellent quality of the supply has actually become a decisive factor in this product can not be done on this basis if we can talk about a cost-effective supply price for the seller itself is A great sales opportunity.


As a just-needed product, LED headlight is analyzed thoroughly in EBAY platform both in UK and the United States, and its capacity is expanded steadily every year. It also reflects the year-by-year growth of customer demand. However, changes in market conditions this year have made it difficult for us to seize the opportunity to open up the market to this product with a small account that would have usurped a space under the price war of major monopolistic sellers. The cost-effective, stable and high-quality sources, will become part of this seller in the Hukou take sharp teeth.

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